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Abstract Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Should I anticipate any problems submitting an abstract on the Web?


No. Experience has shown that only a few users have any difficulty in completing the online submission. If you do have a problem we suggest that you try another computer. Some combinations of certain computers and browsers on occasion may cause problems.

Can I exit the program after partially completing the submission and return later to complete the process?


No, if you exit the program before you click on "submit your abstract", your information will be lost and you will need to start over. You may minimize your screen while you work in another program but do not exit the abstract form.

How do I move from one field to the next in the abstract form?


Use the Tab key.

Why doesn't my abstract text wrap? When I key text it appears in one long line and goes off the screen.


Your browser does not support wrapped text. Try hitting "enter" on the keyboard at the end of each line to see the text.

Can I cut and paste my abstract text from a word processor into the submission system?


This will be determined by your own computer system. We do not recommend using the cut and paste option when it involves special characters (such as super- or subscripts, Greek characters etc.), you will need to confirm and repair any missing characters using the palette or special characters menu on the submission application. You will also need to make sure you put your authors, abstract title and abstract body in the correct fields.

How can I determine that I have not exceeded the 2,500 character count?


Click on "Check Abstract Size". You will be informed and not permitted to continue with your submission if you have exceed the maximum number of characters. NOTE: The 2,500 character count includes abstract text and all spaces. Title, author and institutional data are not included in the 2,500 characters.

Why doesn't the submission program character count match the count from my word processing program or exactly reflect changes when I edit the text?


The submission program's character count pertains to abstract text in its final formatted and sized version. An exact reproduction of which cannot be viewed on the screen. For example, in final form, the last word in a paragraph could fall on a line by itself with blank spaces completing the line. These blank spaces, while not apparent in the submission program, are included in your abstract when it is formatted for publication and must be taken into account when calculating the character count.

Authors often find a discrepancy in the keystroke count on their word processors and the character count in the abstract submission program because these counts are computed differently. To be certain that your abstract is successfully submitted, use the character count on the submission application as your guide.

I want to submit a table in the abstract body. How do I know how much room it will take and what it will look like in print?


Each row of a table (regardless of its width) will automaticaly deduct two entire lines from the total space available for your abstract. Click on "Check Abstract Size" after you have uploaded your table to be certain you have not entered more than the maximum characters allowed.

Tables will be formatted automatically. To further ensure that your table will be presented accurately, email or fax a copy of your table as you want it to appear to Suzy Brown at or 301-634-7079. Include the abstract control number and personal ID number, first authors name, telephone and email address.

Why is my abstract title listed twice?


During the submission process, you entered your title twice (one in the title field and again in the body of the text). You need to revise your abstract and remove the title from the abstract body. You will need your last name, abstract control number and personal ID number to revise your abstract.

All revisions must be completed by 11:59 p.m., July 11, 2012.

When I preview my abstract that contains sub- or superscripted text, I notice extra line spacing. Will that be corrected in the published abstract?


Yes, the line spacing will appear normal in the published version of the abstract.

How do I make a sub- or superscripted or Greek character in my abstract?


First move the cursor to the position where you want to insert the special character. Then click on the special menu (special characters or special effects menus).

Following the last word of my abstract text, unwanted italic (bold or otherwise enhanced) characters appear that should be elsewhere in the body


Block and delete these characters otherwise they will be printed as part of your published abstract. If necessary follow instructions in the submission program for special enhancements such as italics, bold etc.

How do I change the presenting author's name on my abstract?


For security purposes, the presenting author's name cannot be changed. To change the presenting author's name, you must withdraw the abstract, then resubmit with the new name. This must be done by the submission deadline of 11:59 p.m., July 10, 2012.

For questions contact Suzy Brown at

Can I revise my abstract?


Yes. Go to the submission application and click on "Revise My Abstract." You will need your last name, abstract control number and personal ID number. Revisions may be submitted now through 11:59 p.m., July 11, 2012 (US ET).

After July 11, 2012, no revisions will be permitted.

For security purposes, the presenting author's name on a previously submitted abstract MAY NOT BE CHANGED. To change the presenting author's name you must withdraw the previously submitted abstract and submit a new abstract in the new author's name.

How do I withdraw an abstract?


To withdraw an abstract, return to the submission site and select "Withdraw My Aabstract". You will need your abstract control number, personal ID number and presenting author’s last name. Select the appropriate button to withdraw an abstract. The presenting author and the Meeting Manager will be informed of the withdrawal.

The system is very slow. Why?


If you are submitting your abstract on the last two days leading up to the deadline, you may experience some slowness because of the number of people using the system on these days. While we have made every effort to ensure efficient receipt of all abstracts, extreme stress on the system may result in a slower submission process. PLEASE SUBMIT EARLY TO AVOID FRUSTRATIONS. We cannot extend the deadline passed 11:59 p.m., July 10, 2012 US ET.

When will I be notified of my platform or poster assignment?


Program assignments will be posted on the Meeting Website on September 1, 2012. Information will not be available before this time. You will not receive an email with your assignment. Please remember to check the Website after this date.

I do not see my questions in the FAQ's, who can help?


Technical Questions: Hubert Zhang -
All Other Questions: Suzy Brown -